For lots of people, offline shopping is always the best and if it is in shopping mall then it would be their biggest event where a full day is dedicated to it. Here we gonna check why it is always best.

Shopping Experience:

Do you know what’s missing at Online Stores regardless of the brand you buy? The real shopping experience, The one you which can feel.

Calorie Burner


Week long no workout days? Go visit a shopping mall and you are about to burn calories window shopping than clicking inside browser windows.

Social Gatherings:

Isn’t it boring shopping alone? Take your friends and family along, share happy moments and get suggestions too.


Performances, Product launches, Promotions, Festivals. The events list at Shopping Malls go on and on, Do you really want to miss them?

Delicious Food:

Need JUSTICE for your Hunger? Get them at shopping mall’s Food COURT and continue shopping.


Find your favorite international brands at shopping malls. They are expanding here in India, just for you and me.


Shopping malls aren’t just for shopping, quench your thirst for entertainment at Multiplexes in there.

Get Refreshed:

Had a stressful week, a bad break up? What could better de-stress you than new designs, fabulous colors and the feel of fresh fabrics. Get refreshed at your nearest shopping mall.

All at One Place:

Apparels, Foods, Entertainment, Kid’s Corner and what not. Shopping malls, a place for everything and for all.


One of the main mottos of Mapout is people should not miss the real shopping experience and enjoyment. Check before you go for shopping at malls.

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— June 22, 2015